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The idea behind Davis Sports e.V.

Basketball is a team sport in which the right of the strongest does not apply, but integration into the team game is important. Here one is taken into account, it is listened to, even if problems arise "outside the playing field", because all depend on each other.

Since the social aspect is to be the main focus, we want to spare children and young people the usual pressure to perform, because the fear of failure already shapes our social image. Our experience shows that children and adolescents participate in the training with great commitment without pressure to perform.


Davis Sports e.V. offers an atmosphere in which not only children but also young people feel comfortable. In the multicultural teams, they learn tolerance towards people from other countries and cultures, because the training also serves to integrate foreign children and young people.

The philosophy of Davis Sports e.V. is to positively influence children and adolescents and to convey basic values. In doing so, the managers and coaches attach great importance to conveying the sport and the values not only with words, but especially through their own behaviour and previous life.