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Welcome Michael Davis

Basketball club DavisSports e.V.

The idea of bringing children and young people closer to the sport of basketball came to Michael Davis a few years ago, when he saw four children sitting on some steps.

The children looked dispirited and downcast. When Michael asked what was troubling them, they answered that they had nowhere to play basketball anymore. The neighbors were annoyed by the noise of children playing ball. This led first of all to the basketball hoop being dismantled and now their ball has even been taken from them.

This experience was the trigger for Michael Davis to set up the Kids Sports Promotion eV. Founded in January 2002, the Kids Sports Promotion Association was a basketball club that focused primarily on basketball training with children.


Due to the enthusiastic participation of the children in training, the demand of motivated parents for their own training group and a planned extension to other sports, such as American football, the name of the club was changed to Davis Sports e.V.


Children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 17 are particularly close to the heart of the association. Here they should learn playfully what it means to take responsibility, practice discipline and have respect. In all this, they are to be encouraged, built up and strengthened by the trainers and those responsible.


Michael Davis, father of 4 children, wants to put his knowledge and experience at the service of children and young people in order to open up the diverse possibilities of sport to them.


Davis Sports e.V. thanks its sponsors.