The Club

Public and government funding of sports clubs has been increasingly cut back over the past few years. Unfortunately, these savings are been made in completely the wrong place because children are the future of our society. Through Davis Sports, we want to do our bit to help kids get the best possible start in life.

Davis Sports inspires kids, teenagers and parents alike and is experiencing a steady increase in its number of members, supporters and enquirers. The foundation has been laid for our work and several teams of kids and teens in various age groups are already taking part in training. However, there is still a great need for more well-qualified trainers and the necessary equipment.

Membership fees

192 Euros per year for children under 12 (i.e. 16 Euros per month)
240 Euros per yearfor children aged 12 and above (i.e. 20 Euros per month) 

In addition to this there is a one-off registration fee of 10 Euros per child. 

The membership fees are to be paid annually. Alternative methods of payment can be arranged for children from socially deprived backgrounds. 

In order to extend our project further, without having to increase membership fees, we need your financial support. There are many children and teens who are interested in joining the club and, with your help, Davis Sports can make this possible.

For more information on how you can contribute, please select: Ways to support us