Care for Children Club 200

We want to keep membership fees low so that every child and young adult is able to join and take part in training, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

For this reason Davis Sorts founded the Care for children club 200. The club is for anyone who would like to donate money to Davis Sports, and in so doing ensure their support goes straight to the kids who need it.

The name “children club 200” means that if you donate a sum above 200 euros you will automatically become a member of this club (without of course having to fulfil any obligations). In return, club members are invited to various events, such as members meetings, special event days and camps. They will also be named on the club’s webpage as a gesture of gratitude for their donation.

Through your donation (which is also tax deductible, please contact us for more details) you will help children and young people to use their free time in a more constructive manner.

Bank details

DavisSports e.V.
Dresdner Bank
Bank sort code: 370 800 40
Account no.: 04 289 57 200